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Unearth all the magic of Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is an easily-accessible paradise destination where you’ll enjoy a very well-deserved holiday.

Easy access

Mexico is a country bursting with colour and life. Vivacious and vibrant, it’s home to very welcoming people and a spectacular culture. The mythical Caribbean Sea laps the beaches of Riviera Maya, which is easily accessed from Cancun International Airport thanks to great connections with Europe, Canada, the US and the rest of the Caribbean. And it’s only a two-hour flight from Mexico City itself.


In Mexico, the official currency is the peso, which is equivalent to 0.05 euros or 0.06 dollars, although the exchange rate can fluctuate. The official language is Spanish, although it’s not difficult to communicate with people in English. What’s more, there are many native languages and dialects, proof of the cultural wealth of this great country.


The climate in Riviera Maya is warm, humid and very pleasant. Summer lasts from June to August and the temperatures are pleasantly high, with maximums of 35°C. Winter is from November to December, with average daytime temperatures of 20°C.